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IncrediFlash XTreme 2.0

IncrediFlash XTreme - создания флеш-анимаций. IncrediFlash XTreme предлагает более 100 настраиваемых эффектов для текста, более 300 типов переходов, поддерживает различные мультимедиа форматы, импорт SWF файлов и анимированных GIF. В программу включено множество стилей для заднего фона.
Возможности IncrediFlash XTreme:
- Настройка каждого эффекта.
- Встроенный мастер создания анимаций.
- Позволяет включать фильтры Flash 8 и режимы смешивания слоев.
- Позволяет добавлять эффекты переходов при смене кадров.
- Импорт форматов: SWF, GIF, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, MPG, MPV, QT, MOV, MPEG4, различных аудиоформатов.
- Встроенная шкала времени. Графическая панель со шкалой времени позволяет редактировать и настраивать длительность событий, время появления объектов и т.п.
- IncrediFlash XTreme позволяет создавать определенные действия при нажатии кнопки мыши: показать/скрыть объект, воспроизвести/остановить анимацию, воспроизвести/остановить видео или звук, открыть веб-сайт, отослать письмо, перемотать ролик и др.
- Встроенные стили фона: прозрачный, цветной, градиентный и анимированный.
- Позволяет добавлять эффекты слоя (молнии, облака, гром и т.п.). Возможность настраивать каждый эффект.
- Встроенная библиотека графических фрагментов.

IncrediFlash XTreme is a tool to quickly and easily build Flash animations without the need for Flash experience.

Making a Flash animation is as simple as inserting an image, text, selecting effects, adding sound, and hitting the publish button.

IncrediFlash XTreme provides 100 customizable text effects, 300 cool scene transitions, supports various multimedia formats, including image, video, sound, music and voice. You can also import Flash SWF files and animated GIF. There is an extensive list of background styles that you can choose, such as gradient, transparent, image or animated background from the built-in background library. Then, apply various layer effects such as lighting, balloon, clouds, bubbles, thunder, rain, etc.

100 Highly Customizable Text Effects
Choose from 100 text effects. Each effect is highly customizable by simply changing the effect settings, allowing you to produce a totally different effect by a little tweaking. IncrediFlash XTreme also supports the image pan/zoom (Ken Burns) effect and mask effects such as checkerboard, blind, wipe, etc. A motion path effect allows you to have full control over object movement.

Create Projects easily using wizard
Create a professional looking flash banner, photo slideshow, navigation buttons in less than a minute by using a step by step wizard. It takes less than a minute to create a flash animation using this wizard.

Add Flash 8 Filters and Blend modes
Add Flash 8 filters and blend modes such as drop shadow, blur, glow, bevel, gradient glow, screen, inverse, lighten, gradient bevel, etc. instantly, with no need to write any script.

Add Scene Transition Effect
Scene transition effect is an effect you can apply during the transition between scene. There are 300 transition effects to choose from our effect library. Transition effect can occured while objects within the two scenes are animating. This allows you to make a project such as photo slideshow much easier.

Import Multimedia Files
Add multimedia components such as video, sound (event/streaming) and music, Flash movie clips (.swf file), animated GIFs, and voice recordings. Most common video and audio formats are supported:
• Microsoft Windows Video Files (AVI, WMV, ASF)
• MPEG Video Files (MPEG, MPG, MPV)
• Quicktime Video Files (QT, MOV)
• MPEG4 (through AVI format)
• DIVX (through AVI format)

Timeline Window
A streamlined graphical user interface with timeline window to adjust object duration and effect timing. It also shows a sound waveform, allowing you to synchronize sound and animation much easier.

Add Interactivity Action Without Writing a Script
Add interactivities/actions to a mouse event to execute actions such as:

• Show / hide objects
• Play / pause main movie
• Play / pause video and sound
• Open a website
• Send an email
• Rewind movie
• Many more

Script is automatically added by selecting from a dropdown. You do not need to know any actionscript at all.

Gradient / Animated / Image Backgrounds
Choose various background styles such as transparent, solid color, gradient and animated background with customizable colors from the built-in background library.

Insert Layer Effects
Add layer effects such as lighting, clouds, thunder, rain, etc, from the built-in effects library. Each effect is fully customizable, allowing you to change the color, speed, etc.
A layer effect is a transparent animation you can add on top of your movie. Using traditional Flash animation tools you would normally need to spend hours to design these types of effects. With IncrediFlash XTreme you simply select and customize to suit your need, changing its color, transparency, speed, density, etc.

Built In ClipArts Library
Add a professionaly designed clipart to your flash movie from selection of cliparts built into the software.

Publish into a streaming Flash SWF and HTML ready for online viewing
Publish as an executable file and autorun CD/DVD
Executable file and autorun CD/DVD with customizable splash screen, usage limit and registration.You can bundle more than one movie into one executable/autorun CD/DVD and add a menu (ala DVD menu) where you can customize with navigation button, thumbnail. You can even add an application installation as if a real desktop application. Choose from list of application window skin to enhance the appearance of your publication.

Brand your executable/CD/DVD with a company logo, about box, right click menu, splash screen and many more. You can also add a usage restriction (time trial/serial number protection) so you can commercially distribute them.

Make a DVD movie (playable on TV)
DVD movie is on TV with any DVD player. Using a built-in DVD menu editor, you can add a professional looking DVD menu with customizable background, music, layout, thumbnails, navigation buttons and text fonts.

Make an AVI video
AVI movie importable into your favourite video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere, Ulead Video Studio, Microsoft Movie Maker, etc.

Upload online into your own website/FTP server using the built-in FTP client
Upload your flash movie into your FTP server in several clicks without using any additional FTP client.

Turn your flash animation into a screensaver
You can add more than one movie into a screensaver. Distribute your screensaver easily as a desktop screensaver application by adding an installer, logo and serial/time trial registration.

Print a scene from your movie
You can print one or many scenes into different paper layout such as greeting card, A4, wallet size paper photo, CD/DVD cover, etc.

· 1 GHz CPU
· 256 MB RAM
· DirectX 8.0 or newer

OS: Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista
Интерфейс: English

Размер: 44.97 MB
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